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Rev 11.11.2005: Revisions to Inventory Modules, Inventory QuickView, opening data file logic, Engine-Component module revisions, the new VMS Pro context sensitive help file and a significant upgrade to the Labor Log.

Prior to 10.31.05: Added Task Inventory Debit module to facilitate specific inventory adjustment for associated Engine-Component Task, several other adjustments to Inventory and Engine-Component modules and QuickViews. Modified Labor Log to lock invoice records independent of changes in parent entries, modified Labor Log display for record protection, added Filters to Labor Log records management, changed display properties in Labor Log, fixed bug that would not support Labor Log rotation under certain circumstances, modified Labor Log forward and backward browse buttons to reflect status of archived records display, modified Labor Log QuickView to protect archived and invoiced records and display invoice status, fixed bug that would sometimes miscalculate Labor Invoice math, modified Labor Invoices to echo invoice status in print and preview, fixed bug that left orphaned records in Contracts/Task module when vessel was deleted, changed program detection of back-end data when applying upgrades or workstation re-link on server failure, other minor bug fixes and modifications.

Bug fixes below (in order recent to ancient):
Prior fixes and updates include: Fixed Contracts/Tasks bug that would hide data on a renamed vessel, minor modification to date functions in Labor Log, added Guest/Crew Export to Address Book function, modified Inventory QuickView to display All Types when opened from Vendor Address Book with no prior action, modified Engine-Component Maintenance report logic to properly display Planner Log information in reports, added "Set to Due Date" option to Engine-Component printing module and modified module open logic for suppression of archived records, modified rotation logic in Engineering and Deck Inventory modules, modified archived record display in several modules, fixed vendor deletion logic (Tasks) in Vendor Address Book, modified Delete logic in Transactions Module to accommodate matrix of Filter rules, modified Inventory QuickView to correct an error when no inventory present as per selected criteria, modified Inventory, Contract and Engine-Component hyperlink display logic, modified Import Logic for oldest VMS and FMS distributions, changed QuickView module sizing to variable (for 8/6 resolution), modified opening registration logic (faster start), modified delete action on all QuickVews, normalized "Save to Disk" actions (Excel, Word) on QuickViews, menu check for update logic, fixed many tool tips, refinements in rotation logic, added "Sort and Report by Due Date" and improved report logic to Engine/Component Maintenance Module, Backup Utility, cleanup of Engine/Component Maintenance inventory/task rotation, added Delete records function to Inventory QuickView, vendor name length, data entry issue in Tankage, Chart Inventory printing issues, Contract QuickView sort/record memory, added record rotation to all major modules, added record Filtering, added unique file identification to QuickView file saves (Excel and RTF) and backups, clarification of Network Permissions issues, added British Sterling currency support, added Euro support, added "Vessel Cost From Purchase Orders" (see bug fixes below), added "Due Only" report to "Engine-Component" module, other minor upgrades, added Client "Network Permissions" controls, added Vessel Name Change capability, added "File/Hyperlink" functionality to "Vessel Information" module, updated registration module, added timed Default Data backup by default, altered Administrative permissions, updated "Vessel Information" module (minor bug fixes including upgrade permissions, minor appearance changes), added upgrade functionality (FMS to VMSPro), added Parent Module recall in Purchase Order Create "QuickView", added "Drag and Drop" to Hyperlink Module (facilitates assignment of hyperlinks/images that replaces the "CopyFile" function) and other enhancements, added Import Data functionality (VMS Nobeltec Admiral Edition to VMS Pro), added sticky "Default Vessel" to program open action (choose from "Vessel Information") that allows the "Default Vessel" to be memorized, cleaned Address Books and modified reports, added annoying "nags" to "Clear Default Data" dialog, added "Network" only installation option, amended File/Hyperlink associations in all modules to be "Type" ("Engine, Description, Job, etc.") rather than "Record" specific, added File/Hyperlink Maintenance module, added date inheritance to many print modules.

Fixed bug in Crew Lists that would error on same last names, updated a persistent, maddening, obscure bug that would disallow network workstation connections and invoke error messages on some installations, fixed bug that would cause program freeze when using Vessel Cost report with virgin default data, fixed bug that improperly displayed "Quantity Received" on Purchase Orders, fixed bug that could cause "Engine-Component" module to freeze after vessel change, fixed minor bug in "Maintenance Procedure" dropdown in inventory modules, fixed bug that would cause some modules to not open until "Network Permissions" were accessed, fixed registration bug that could cause default data to be unavailable after registration grace period, fixed bug that would error on "Delete Vendor" from Vendor Address Book, fixed bug in VMS Standard and Nobeltec import procedures that would not refresh Business Information, fixed bug in "Transactions" print/preview module that would cause a report error, fixed bug that disallowed more than one file "Drag and Drop"/session, fixed bug that would throw an error if the "Calendar" function was used in Engine/Component Maintenance and user then attempts to open the "Engineering Log" in planner mode, fixed bug in Labor Log that would sometimes not allow Vendor assignment, fixed "opening vessel" bug that would incorrectly define a "Default Vessel" (nonfatal), fixed bug that would error on "Delete Vendor" from Vendor Address Book, fixed bug when opening all Reminders at once that could cause a program freeze, increased nag factor when clearing data in "Upgrade" mode, removed vessel change from Running Logs where appropriate, added clarification of archived records to Engine-Component module reports and QuickView. Added Import Data functionality (VMS Standard to VMS Pro), added sort functionality to many print modules, added "Place of Birth" to "Crew Information" module and official "Crew Lists", changed report format for "All Vessels" maintenance report, changed "Labor Log" data entry page and invoice to accommodate name change in prior "Vendor" Assignment.

Fixed bugs in Engine-Component Maintenance Module and Report Generator, added extended functionality and double-click calendar to many log and maintenance report modules, added display enhancements to Reminders and QuickViews, fixed potential errors in Maintenance report modules (including planner data reporting), updated Contract-Tasks module, added functionality to Tasks Report Module, modified Engine/Component report module, fixed potential reporting error in Task reports.

Fixed intermittent problem with Calendar function, modified Tankage module, freshened Transactions module user interface, added Vendor functionality to Uniforms module, modified Main Menu, changed Admin permissions schema, added automatic interface maintenance on application close, repaired error that would inconsistently flag inventory depletion below minimums, updated "Inventory Reminder" and "Inventory QuickView" interface, fixed problem with new record saving in several modules, fixed aggravating first key data entry delay, added "Planner" mode to Engineer's Log and Engine-Component Maintenance, fixed delete record from Engine-Component module, fixed "Add New Task" to Contract Management Module, fixed various small errors in data entry, modified Labor Log Invoice to eliminate status error, modified Address Book(s) delete record function, modified the "Find" function on most modules to eliminate "Replace" as an option, added managed backup solution from administrators page, admin fix on Business Data entry, date entry from calendar, force choice of vessel on appropriate forms, data file link sequence, opening form sequence that would cause one-time errors on slow computers.