VMS Inventory Modules

Vessel Management System Professional

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Track inventory in six distinct modules. Engineering (shown), Deck, Interior. Galley modules are further segregated into Dry Stores, Perishable and Beverage.

Inventory modules are adaptive and entering data is easy. VMS allows you to associate graphics (schematics, pictures, manuals, etc.) and Internet hyperlinks with specific data records. Duplicate, split and/or move inventory, link to maintenance tasks, produce formal purchase orders or informal restock lists, discover inventory value at a glance, and more.

You may associate any inventory item with a specific Engine-Component task (click the button Maintenance Procedure). This allows task-specific inventory survey and adjustment when a maintenance task is performed. When a new Engine-Component task is added from it's parent module the Maintenance Procedure list is automatically updated and populated.

Any future restock lists and Purchase Orders will reflect the inventory adjustment above. Therefore it's conceivable that you'll want to define tasks, assign inventory and Vendors for many common tasks, creating a fast track for performing the task, adjusting it's attendant inventory and reordering consistent with requirements of the vessel.

You may rotate from inventory modules to the Address Book (for Vendor modification/ review/ comparison) or the Inventory QuickView Module and then return to this Module with Vendor information updated in the Active Record. Memory of the Active Record will pass to the Address Book and the QuickView. The Active Record will remain memorized you enter another module's QuickView from the Address Book. Click "View Vendor" to open the Vendor Address Book in Read-only mode. Click "Edit Vendor Address Book" to open the Vendor Address Book while memorizing the Active Record (if chosen).

In this example you may also view any Engine/Component task that is associated with the inventory item chosen.

Inventory Quantity and Minimum Quantity will cause the Informal Restock Reports and Formal Purchase Orders to be calculated for Quantity and Cost automatically. Notice the total value of any item from any inventory module, plus the the total value for any report, like the value of all items in a specific location or category.

Some fields can be Named Once, Used Again, meaning that whatever you type in that box will be available later as a choice, rather than retyping. Combined with duplicating and moving inventory records you can place a similar item on many vessels by entering the information one time only. These fields can be identified by the small arrow contained in the box, allowing you to drop a selectable list.