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The VMS Labor Log can track job hours for external billing or internal reporting, create invoices and track invoice status. The Labor Log Invoice Generator allows you to produce invoices if labor is performed as a contract for a client, or your may generate an internal report on labor performed by crew/employees even if no billing is intended. A detailed invoice can be created that will import your company information from the Business Information module, invoice billing information from the Vendor Address Book and relevant labor information from the Labor Log.

A normal log entry would include the date of work performed, the number of hours, the section (an internal segmentation to aid in sorting and billing), the person who performed the labor (Logged By) and a description of the activity. If Labor Log data will be used to generate an invoice you can additionally assign a labor cost (Rate) to the record and a billable client (Vendor) from the Vendor Address Book. If you assign a Rate and use the Invoice Generator to produce reports you may markup or discount the internal rate that will be calculated in you Invoice but not visible as an internal adjustment of fees.

You may rotate from this module to it's QuickView and/or Vendor Address Book for review, modification or comparison, and then return to this record.