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Purchase Orders are created by Vendor and are originally specified in a Pro Forma. The Pro Forma automatically examines inventory data and constructs the necessary purchase information. Any item specified as supplied by the chosen Vendor with a Quantity On Hand less than the Minimum Quantity will be placed in the Purchase Order. Before committing a Pro Forma to a formal Purchase Order you may modify the item information (such as changing Inventory Minimums) with a single click. You may also delete items, assign discounts, limit by Vessel or Type, etc.

Formal purchase orders will be automatically marked as On Order until received. If the Purchase Order is later satisfied with no exceptions (quantities, items, etc.) it will be marked with a Received status. If there were exceptions to the Purchase Order (like items not available or shipped in different quantity) then you'll be able to mark the individual inventory items appropriately (from a QuickView). You may then print an Exceptions purchase order that will reflect the changes in inventory and recalculate the Purchase Order as well.

The purchase order is always saved with the quantities and items specified in your Pro Forma. The Exceptions version is always available for internal comparison, printing and/or sending a revised purchase order to your Vendor.

After your Purchase Order is received (inventory items distributed to appropriate vessels and quantities updated) it's status will be changed appropriately. The only other manipulation you can make to a Purchase Order after it's received is to delete it... not advised but provided (with a warning). If you need to create another Pro Forma you can easily switch back to that module.

Sometimes you might order items from a supplier that are out of stock, no longer available. To facilitate an adjustment to the received inventory without making a new purchase order you may instead receive your purchase order with exceptions. A Purchase Order received with exceptions can be printed for your dead tree records with the price totals automatically recalculated. When inventory is received with exceptions you will reconcile the order quantities with the received quantities, and the actual quantities will be distributed to the vessels indicated rather than the quantity originally requested in the Purchase Order.

A supplier might ship alternate items without so much as an email notification and you may need to re-order substituted or withheld items. In this case create another purchase order to compensate. You'll, choose a vendor and use the same purchase order criteria, then items can be re-ordered with their quantities adjusted to the exceptions. So, for instance, you might have originally ordered 10 Secondary Filters, but only five were received, so the next purchase order will calculate a quantity of 5 on-order. If that inventory was further depleted in the interim the new purchase order will compensate to your specified minimum inventory quantity.