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Reminder QuickViews allow analysis of your vessel data without the clutter of records that already satisfy their minimum criteria. Open QuickViews that show Inventory below specified minimums, Tasks-Maintenance jobs that are overdue, Pending Purchase Orders and Labor Log entries not archived. Many users elect to open "Reminders" at the beginning of every workday to ascertain the day's workload, assign tasks, query vendors for inventory, etc.

You may jump to any record shown on a Reminders QuickView with a click. In many instances you may instantly access related aspects of a record (parent module, category, vendor, purchase order, etc.) without visiting the parent module. Your choice of Reminders are saved from session to session and each workstation on your network will retain their own reminder choices.

To select a reminder click anywhere inside the title box (requires less precision than trying to aim for that little checkbox) and a check mark will appear. Then click on the Open Reminders button and the corresponding reminder module will appear. If there is no data available for the category chosen, that module will not load.

You may invoke the reminder menu at any time by clicking the Reminder Module button on the main VMS Pro Main Menu module.