VMS Module Rotation

Vessel Management System (All Versions)

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Working with Vendors and Suppliers requires flexibility. Any VMS Inventory, Task, Labor (VMS Pro only) or Maintenance module will allow the user to "rotate" from module to module to view various aspects and then return to original record and/or module.

For instance, you may want to purchase inventory, but you also need to examine several vendors for delivery, reliability, price, terms, etc. So you might start with an Inventory Quickview, select an inventory item, move to the Address Book to examine and/or change Vendor record data, then back to the QuickView, then choose a master Inventory record to change the Vendor for that item, then create a Purchase Order (VMS Pro only).

You may "jump out" of the loop at any time. The Address Book provides links to all QuickViews that can utilize Vendor/Supplier information. If you've ever worked in an ordering environment or contract with suppliers you appreciate how useful this feature can be.