VMS Maintenance

Vessel Management System (SVE)

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The Engine-Component module tracks and schedules maintenance events, allowing for all manner of task variety, from brightwork to fuel filter change. Because different engines and components require proprietary service intervals VMS allows virtually unlimited assignment of task criteria, aged by running time (in hours) and elapsed calendar time.

If using the "Planner Mode" (shown) this module dynamically analyzes entries in the Daily Log (Voyage/Maintenance Planner). Any service interval that occurs on a previously entered Daily Log event is shown if the log event date coincides with the task date due. You may "jump" directly to the Daily Log entry with a single "click" anywhere in the "Engineer Log Event" description.

In this module you may also view any Engineering Inventory record associated with the chosen task.

Any definition of task can be assigned to each engine/component thereby providing as many "aged" tasks on a single engine/component as you need. You may associate any number of graphics, documents or hyperlinks to the Engine-Component Module (a "jpg" object file is illustrated). You may also associate Tasks with specific inventory to allow easy tracking and maintenance of inventory by it's demand.

Any task that is overdue (aged beyond specified time or service intervals) will show a "Service" flag. Any Engine/Component maintenance task not overdue will not appear on the Engine/Component reminder modules. If you wish to see the task hour aging of the record chosen enter today's accumulated engine hours in the box Hours Now. If a date was assigned to the task originally VMS ages the task in days, alerts you if a service interval has passed and shows the "Due Date".

You may search for a previously entered record by clicking the QuickView option button. You may also Search all inventory to locate specific records or segregate by subset (Vendor, or a Maintenance Procedure, for instance). You may enter any single term or phrase and most aspects of the record will be queried. For instance, searching on the word "oil" would return all records containing that word. A search by Vendor name will return items with only that Vendor, with all applicable service tasks. If you become too descriptive, or type inaccurately, your results will thin or disappear. If your search term is too general, so will the results.

You may rotate from this module to the Address Book (for Vendor modification) or the Engine/Component QuickView Module and then return to this Module with Vendor information updated in the active record. Memory of the active record will pass to the Address Book the QuickView. The Active Record will remain memorized until you enter another module's QuickView from the Vendor Address Book. Click "View Vendor" to open the Vendor Address Book in "Read-Only" mode. Click "Edit Vendor Address Book" to open the Vendor Address Book while memorizing the Active Record (if chosen).

Reports can contain many combinations of data sorting, including an "All Vessels" report.

VMS also provides a Contract and Task Manager that will allow the specification of jobs with comparison of actual vs. proposed performance.