VMS Address Book

Vessel Management System (SVE)

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The VMS Address Book allows you to keep phone numbers, addresses, etc. Some entries in your address book will be your Vendors and can be appropriately designated.

Record finding is simplified by the use of Filters. In this example the records are first sorted by the Book Type to eliminate clutter when locating an entry.

Notice the button Engine-Component QuickView is highlighted. This means that the Address Book was invoked from an Engine-Component module and is holding the memory of that record for future referral (rotation). Click on the button and you'll return to the referring record in the appropriate module.

To begin a new book click on Add Record. You may make as may book “types” as you like. Make a book for the Engineer, Master, Owner, etc.

To include the current entry as a Vendor check the box Is Vendor. That entry will appear as a selection when you choose a Default Vendor.

You may associate any number of graphics, documents or hyperlinks to the VMS Address Book. In this case a prior Dicks Widget contact is shown for reference, but you might also include Mr. Widget's photo.