VMS Contract-Task Management

Vessel Management System(SVE)

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The Contract-Task Manager is appropriate for recording arrangements with contractors, yards, special crew jobs, etc. It will allow you to distribute a concise written history of agreed tasks before and after completion. You'll be able to compare estimated time to complete against actual performance.

Find old entries by different criteria (sorted by Job Name, Category, Date, Vendor Done), or use the QuickView (with a Search utility) to identify a record, then jump to that entry with a single click. You can also duplicate this record and modify to minimize data re-entry.

You may rotate from this module to the Address Book (for Vendor modification / review / comparison) or the Tasks QuickView Module and then return to this Module with Vendor information updated in the Active Record. The Active Record will remain memorized you enter another module's QuickView from the Address Book. Click View Vendor to open the Address Book in Read-Only mode, or click Edit Address Book to open the Address Book while memorizing the Active Record for rotation.

You may search all records to segregate by subset, like Vendor, or category, for instance. You may enter any single term or phrase and most aspects of the record will be queried. A search by Vendor name will return items with only that Vendor, with all applicable product types.

Associations to most computer objects (manuals, pictures, spreadsheets, etc.) can be made to Contract_Task records, enabling easy recall of relevant information not directly contained in the VMS database, Internet links, email addresses, etc.

The Proposed Finish Date is computed automatically when you enter a Beginning Date and Days to Finish. The Actual Task Age is computed automatically when you enter the Actual Finish Date. With this utility you'll be able to compare estimated time to complete against actual performance.

As with all Date (and most other numerical ) entries you can invoke a configurable Calendar so that dates never need to be typed. If necessary, you can also increment/decrement the date by using the "+" key (without holding shift) of the "-" key.