VMS Daily Log (Voyage/Maintenance Planner)
Vessel Management System (SVE)

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The Daily Log (Voyage/Maintenance Planner) facilitates record keeping with a technical bias and is linked to the Engine-Component maintenance module.

If the "Planner Mode" is chosen (shown) the Engineer's Log automatically displays any Engine-Component task(s) that will be due (aged by time) during the proposed voyage.

Should you need to restsructure a maintenance task to accommodate conflict (like an engine overhaul while underway, very inconvenient) you may jump directly to the appropriate Task Due with a single click anywhere in the appropriate Tasks Due row. For instance, to jump directly to the task Align Vibration Mounts task for the Generator Port Component, click anywhere in the second row.

When printing or previewing log entries you will be presented with a date range populated by the current log entry, but the range of dates can be easily changed. Daily Log reports can optionally include Maintenance Tasks due during the report period and reports are appropriately labeled.

The Daily Log may also be used in conventional (non-planner) mode as a daily running log and a QuickView management function with full search capability is available with a single click (click QuickView).