VMS Import Data from Legacy Generalist Applications

Vessel Management System (SVE)

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VMS (SVE) can import data from legacy Generalist applications, such as the Standard Edition (Installed in the C:\Program Files\VMS3 directory) and the version that was included with Nobeltec's Admiral (Installed in C:\Program Files\vms32k directory).

There are several exceptions to the manner in which these legacy applications will integrate into VMS (SVE).

Transactions Module: Both legacy versions of VMS presumed that Accounts would be used as Bank Accounts or, alternately, as categories of transactions administered from a single source of funds (an implied Bank Account). VMS (SVE) adds an additional segregation of transaction records organization, allowing Bank Accounts and formal Categories.

If you used Accounts in your prior VMS data to mean Bank Accounts an adjustment will be provided. Alternately, you may want to import your previous VMS Accounts as Categories with a single pool of money (or an implied Bank Account, the same convention as your old data). You'll be presented with a choice during the data import process.

Captain's Logs and Interior Logs are not provided in VMS (SVE). If you are a commercial marine operation these functions might be important. In this case VMS Professional would be your choice for upgrade as it fully integrates these log types.

VMS (SVE) will optionally import Captain's Log and Interior Log data and integrate it with the Engineering/Planner log. If you import this log data and decide later that the integration was inappropriate, these entries are easily deleted. Also, the Engineering/Planner log does not support the integrated list of "Persons On-Board" available in the Captain's and Interior Logs of legacy versions and VMS Professional. However, this information is easily generated from the Crew Information Module.

VMS (SVE) adds Compact Disk, Video and Books inventory modules with the latest release and are fully supported in the import.