Quickview Overview

Vessel Management System (SVE)

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QuickView Modules (Inventory QuickView is shown) are aggregate surveys of your vessel's data and are similar in function, no matter their parent data type. QuickViews opened from the Reminders Menu will default to show items depleted below minimum inventory, maintenance tasks past due and contracts that are incomplete. This facilitates a quick survey of pending ship's business. You may optionally include non-pending records (in the case of inventory, click Reveal All Quantities). Other QuickViews are available for the Contract-Task Manager and the Engine-Component maintenance module.

Notice that one of the rows in this example (320 Weight Crude) is presented in bold type. This means that the QuickView was invoked from a parent module and this particular record is set in record Rotation, allowing quick reference to related data. When you open a QuickView from the Reminders Menu the Rotation record will be cleared and, therefore, no row will be shown in bold. With a single click anywhere in the row you can link directly to a specific record, a detailed master module (any of six Inventory Modules), a vendor associated with an item or a Task associated the the inventory item. Just click anywhere in the appropriate row and the parent module and/or record will be opened automatically.

You may search for a previously entered record by clicking the Search option button. You may search all inventory to locate specific records or segregate by subset (Vendor, or a Maintenance Procedure, for instance). You may enter any single term or phrase and most aspects of the record will be queried. For instance, searching on the word "oil" would return all records containing that character string. A search by Vendor name will return items with only that Vendor, with all applicable service tasks. The search function is quite powerful and a little practice will demonstrate how to return useful subsets of records.

Items depleted below minimums are highlighted appropriately (see red column). If you click "Reveal All Quantity" you'll see all inventory items appropriate to the type chosen regardless of their restock status, but they will not be shown with a red highlight.

You may re-sort the display by clicking on a column header. All QuickViews allow immediate access to a specific record, perfect for "drilling down" on necessary information.