VMS Network Capability

Vessel Management System (SVE)

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VMS can be accessed by multiple users on a local network. In a networked environment one computer (if both a Client workstation and Data Server) will use the Default data file, and other networked computers will link to the same data file, making common information available to all clients. Any computer using it's Default Data file is the administrator for that data set.

Clicking Data File Link and Set Network Permissions from the VMS Main Menu will allow connection to another computer on your network for the purpose of sharing a common data. It's also possible that your data file will reside on a computer that is not a workstation, but rather a dedicated server.

Any computer that will be used as the Data File Server should be a stable and technically competent Windows computer that remains powered up for use by all networked workstations. Windows 95, 98 and ME are not recommended as operating systems for the Data File Server. If Windows NT, 2000 or XP are used are used as the data file server sufficient sharing permissions must be granted to the VMS Pro installation directory for the network users.

File/Hyperlink associations may be utilized from the server database, or they may be kept on a local, or client computer (like a laptop).