VMS Report Generators

Vessel Management System (SVE)

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VMS provides many report generation options. Each module has it's own report generator, tailored specifically to the parent information type.

The Engine-Component print module is illustrated. Notice the various filter options provided. You may choose to print archived data, Planner data and Notes in any combination. (Printing detailed notes drive the size of the page vertically so an option is provided).

In this case we'll see all service performed on the Generator Port by Broadbent Ballistics, showing Planner data and notes. Display of Planner Data will indicate what jobs, if any, might conflict with proposed voyages for the qualified period.

The date range can be chosen with the VMS calendar generator, incremented / decremented by use of plus or minus keys, or the date may be inserted from the current record. You may "scroll" through the period (number of days) for the report by using only the plus or minus keys, thereby eliminating the tedious chore of typing dates.