VMS User Requirements
Vessel Management System (SVE)


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VMS is a framework for organization of a single vessel. Thoughtful application of the modules and logic will yield the most useful result. VMS is not recommended to individuals who have little patience, or do not like to read manuals. Experienced database users will find the logic of VMS familiar, although many features are not obvious on first use.

Although the following advice is rarely taken, a thorough browse of the context sensitive help file and use of the practice data (provided) is strongly recommended. The full functionality of VMS will not be revealed without exposure to these resources.

Although VMS provides many shortcuts to data entry, any database program requires a human being (or a million monkeys) to provide the data seed. Over time a great many hours will be invested in the growth and relevance of user input. As with any program that works with unique information, it's recommended that you have a plan for backup and do so frequently. It's also recommended that the user have at least rudimentary typing and computer skills.

VMS is designed and tested in a multi-user and networked environment, but it is beyond the responsibility of the developer to anticipate the idiosyncrasies of every network context. So self-sufficiency in Windows Networking is recommended if this capability is to be utilized (not required for single computer operation).

The developer makes no claim that VMS will be 100% applicable to every situation.