VMS Transactions Module

Vessel Management System (SVE)

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The Transactions Page is presented like a bank check (with a few more boxes to fill in).

Make a new record by typing in the To/From box (as in Pay to the Order Of or Received From) and then tab (keyboard key) to other boxes for additional input.

Enter your deposits in Money In and all expenditures in Money Out. A running balance of the selected account is displayed in the Running Balance window.

The To\From, and "Active Bank" fields are selectable, or you may type a new value in the box. That value, once entered, will be available as a selection for all other records.

You may search for prior Transactions by TO/FROM, DATE, CATEGORIES and BANK ACCOUNT. A freeform search of any aspect of the records is possible by invoking the Find Record command button at the right of the form. You may also scroll the records in order of their entry by clicking on the Previous Record and Next Record buttons (arrows).

The Transactions QuickView will provide the same sorting capabilities as mentioned above, plus you'll be able to sort the presentation by column, further enhancing your ability to "drill down" on data. As with other QuickViews you identify, then link directly to the parent record.

To print or view sorted reports by DATE, ACCOUNT, TO/FROM and/or BANK ACCOUNT (and various combinations of these values), click on the Print/Preview button. You will be able to view and print ledgers filtered by your search criteria.

Reports, previews and Quickviews can be quite granular, with combinations of criteria including Categories, all To/From, all or single bank accounts and between any date range you specify. So, for instance, you could see how much money you paid Capt. Hook last month or last year, track expenses and income from any vessel, or examine the activity for any bank account for any date range.

Criteria for the ordering of reports includes To/From then Date, Bank then Date. A tool for producing Running Balances is also provided.