VMS Upgrade
Vessel Management System Professional


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The VMS Pro Update page will allow you to download the latest interface update. The new interface update contains code necessary to upgrade from VMS "Standard" edition (sold prior to January, 2004) and the VMS "Nobeltec Admiral" edition to VMS Professional. The interface improvements and functionality are substantial!

An upgrade rebate is available if you purchased your original VMS Pro edition from Bluewater Books and Charts. You'll need your original VMS Standard edition CD and a VMS Pro receipt to be eligible. You may also purchase the "Upgrade" edition from Bluewater Books and Charts if you can provide the original VMS Standard CD. If you cannot meet the eligibility requirements you may still purchase VMS Pro for full price and update with your VMS Standard data.

Please stay tuned. As other vendors acquire VMS Pro this upgrade opportunity will be more widely available. If your favorite retailer doesn't yet sell VMS Pro let them know about it!