VMS Professional (Additional License Purchase)
Vessel Management System Professional


Two additional VMS Pro licenses may be purchased for $100.US. This should be sufficient for a single seat (one install, one upgrade), although you may split this license between two computers. You must be a registered user with a valid Internet Registration Key. The license allowance will be increased within 24 hours of payment processing by PayPal. Click the Buy button below to make a secure purchase with PayPal.

Additional VMS Pro licenses are intended for use as Network Clients Only. If you intend to distribute VMS Pro to other vessels (satellites) then you must purchase Satellite Licenses by arrangement with the developer.

After you've completed the PayPal transaction you'll be directed to the VMS Additional License Purchase confirmation page. Please send your Internet Registration Key by the email link provided, or as additional information with the PayPal transaction. Remember, only previously purchased Internet Registration Keys will be eligible for license allowance increase.
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